How to find spooky mansion in minecraft pe

Are you looking for the best Minecraft PE seeds? Need the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition seeds? Well, you have come to the right place. The Windows 10 version of Minecraft is different to the normal PC version of the game, and thus your traditional seeds do not work.

This is because the Windows 10 edition is actually Minecraft Pocket Edition sometimes called Bedrock Editionas seen on mobile. That means you need different seeds to get the right results. All you need to do to generate a fresh world is click New on the main menu, which brings you to a window where you can name your new game and input a seed code.

Let us be your guide with our handy list of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds. This tranquil world brimming with flowers is the perfect escape for mellow minecrafters to sit back and relax. Build your home in this garden of flowers and marvel at their beauty.

Minecraft PE Maps

Waterfalls are so last year; now it is all about magnificent columns of lava spilling from a sheer cliff face. This Minecraft PE seed offers more than just visual spectacle too — just do a little digging around the spawn point and you will quickly find an abandoned mineshaft packed with iron, coal, obsidian, gold, and diamonds. Head to the village well and take the plunge to find the amazing castle that lies beneath.

Minecraft PE seeds tend to produce a village that is perfect in every way. Not this seed, though. This one attempts to build a village on the side of a mountain, resulting in a house towering above everyone on an unreachable plateau and a crop garden buried in the side of the mountain.

A unique place to set up camp, to say the least. Villages tend to be isolated little huts surrounded by miles of abandoned ground. This Minecraft Pocket Edition seed is not content with tiny settlements: it combines three villages to make a bonafide town.

This Minecraft PE seed spawns what at first appears to be a fairly generic woodland biome. But look up, and you will see things are not as pedestrian as they seem.

A brilliant Minecraft Pocket Edition survival seed, you spawn on a small desert landmass with nothing but endless ocean around you. However, underneath the island is a network of deep tunnels and caves filled with rare resources.

Take a stroll into the Mesa biome straight ahead and the landscape will soon produce giant, multi-textured stalagmite formations.

What else could a mansion dweller possibly need? For everything else you need to settle into your brand new palatial abode, this seed has a village nearby for all the essentials. You can spend forever hunting through a world for a good city. Save yourself time and use this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed to spawn on top of the mother of all villages. With multiple houses, gardens, smithies, and churches, this is a real Minecraft Metropolis.

Jump down the nearby well and start digging to find a stronghold with an End portal. A field of towering ice spikes overlooks a small riverside village in this Minecraft PE seed, providing the ideal base camp for a Frozen-inspired adventure.

You would think that this Minecraft PE seed would generate an infuriating game, but instead candy crush saga crafts a beautiful set of hollowed-out mountains, complete with epic overhangs and flowing waterfalls.Ah, the majestic and mysterious Woodland Mansion! Found only in the deep darkness of the Roofed Forest, these gigantic structures started appearing in Minecraft after the 1. Since they spawn so rarely, though, they can be seriously tricky to find. Here you'll find the coordinates for the Mansion itself, plus some info on the surrounding lands and what you can expect to find near spawn on the seed.

So let's get cracking and find ourselves some giant Minecraft houses to raid for their goodies! Simply pop up out of the baby cave you'll spawn in, and you'll see that you're right at the edge of a Roofed Forest with a Mansion only a hundred or so blocks away. As an added bonus, you're bordering a Plains biome with plenty of Horses, and there are some hills and caves around for mining purposes. Another seed with a Mansion right on a lake, this one's properly in the lake.

It's your very own Minecraftian Venice -- but like, smaller and not in danger of actually sinking forever and losing centuries of priceless history. This Woodland Mansion looks like it was perfectly placed on the coast of this gorgeous archipelago by a human builder -- that's how nicely located it is. Even better, there's a Mushroom Island and an Ocean Monument nearby, making this an ideal seed for those looking for some of the game's more unique structures.

Start off at a Village, then fly a short way across an Oak Forest, some Extreme Hills, and a large snow-capped mountain to reach this Mansion on the water. With the property literally spilling out into the water and the towering mountains behind, it makes for some incredibly dramatic scenery.

A smaller, more manageable Mansion buried deep in a hilly Roofed Forest, this one's a slight trek to get to, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

You'll spawn next to a ravine that borders a Village both convenient places to pick up early resources! A lot of Woodland Mansions spawn on water. And while it can be cool to have a big house sticking out into a lake, if you want something more realistic, this Mansion that has just a small corner jutting out into a lazy river is for you.

You'll spawn a ways away in a Savanna by another Roofed Forest. On the way to the Mansion, there will be tons of biomes to explore -- including snowy hills, Desert, Birch forest and Roofed Forest. Even better, this seed includes close Villages and Temples, all listed below:. One of the easier trips to the Mansion on this list, you can pretty much see the structure from spawn after your chunks have had a few seconds to load.

This is ideal for the intrepid explorer that wants their Mansion not just on water, but right by the sea. This is another one that'll take you some hiking to find, but the location is worth it.

Minecraft PE Maps

Uniquely, a waterfall-filled ravine comes right up to the Mansion, and the large Swamp on the other side is somewhat rare on Mansion seeds. Backing right into some snowy hills and sweeping Plains, this is a very big Woodland Mansion. It has the feel of a secret Mansion, nearly overtaken by the surrounding trees and far away from society. It's a great seed if you're looking for the most Mansion rooms possible, as this is one of the bigger ones we've seen.

Literally all you have to do to find this medium-sized Woodland Mansion is just turn around! Note: You might want to turn and take a look at the Extreme Hills soon after spawning, as there is a very awesome but definitely dangerous Lava fall close to the Roofed Forest. This will start to set the trees on fire, but it spreads slowly -- and if you take out a couple of them at the corner of the Forest, you can easily keep it from spreading to the Mansion.

Hardware Graphics Cards Peripherals Components.The seed picker is an interface in Bedrock Edition that allows the player to choose from a number of preset seeds for generating worlds with specific interesting features near the spawn point. To get to the seed picker interface, from the "Worlds" tab in the initial menu, select "Create New", then "Create New World".

Next to the "Seed" input field, there is an arrow button: clicking on this button opens the seed picker. The seed picker shows a search box at the top, with a scrollable region of named thumbnails to browse the preset seeds. Clicking on a thumbnail returns to the "Create New World" page with the applicable seed filled in. Due to changes in village generation in Bedrock Edition 1.

The preset seeds are:. Seeds in the seed picker are discontinued when changes in the world generating algorithms cause the seed to appear differently. In Bedrock Edition 1. Therefore, the stronghold near the spawn point disappeared from the "Stronghold Village" seed, and there is no longer a village nearby in most seeds that were named for a village. The seeds are still useful for players interested in the geographic features and biomes around the spawn point, which remain largely unchanged.

Sign In. From Minecraft Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Hidden category: Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Talk. Views View Edit History. This page was last edited on 1 Aprilat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. About Minecraft Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Support Contact PRO. This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. Abandoned Village. Introduced as Savanna Village in 1.

The seed value remains unchanged. Bamboo Forest.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I noticed, while playing my survival world in Minecraft snapshots, when exploring a Woodland Mansion, that some rooms had chests, especially the secret rooms without entrances I found.

how to find spooky mansion in minecraft pe

Which rooms contain chests and what can I find in them? And a side question: Can I find any other valuable items inside? Here is a list of where can you find chests with lootand what you can find in them. I included links to screenshots:. Sapling room.

A normally accessible room with a bunch of dark oak saplings stacked in rows on the walls, and with a chest inside. And the chest contains Tree chopping room. A room sealed off from the hallway with a wall, leaving a empty indent in the hall. Contains a chest with an iron axe with efficiency 1. Wood archway room. A normally accessible room with a loot chest inside. Curved stairway room.

A room with a staircase leading from a hallway to a dead end, where is a loot chest. Bedroom with loft. An interesting two-tiered bedroom, containing a sort of closet made of birch wood. A ladder near the entrance leads above to a loft with a loot chest.

A ladder leads up to an overhead loft with a loot chest.Toggle navigation. Login Register. Ready to upload your world? Haunted House 2. Direct Download zip Fullscreen. Creepy gothic haunted house for Halloween! Modeled after the Bates Motel form Psycho.

Submit Comment Subscribe. ChronoFailz wrote 3 years, 2 weeks ago. Hi, Don't mind me but may I borrow this map for one of my yt video? Don't worry I will make sure that I give you credit for the map in the description of my video and link this page there.

Also tell me if you have a yt channel and I will link it. Thanks so much. Hope you have a good day. Hey Beastfeaster, Me and my friends made a minecraft Sketch for youtube using your mantion. We would like to ask if you have a youtube account so we can link it in our description, Thank you. Recent Comments scaled map of the United States. I believe the link to the full version of this map is down or the file is not on the website, could you try putting it up on the website again?

ColonelJJHawkins 1 week, 1 day ago. Graphics card world read the note below the description. Just Coke 2 months, 1 week ago. Creeper's Colossal Kaboom! Thank you for playing Cree An Aviansie 2 months, 2 weeks ago. I will credit you as the author and give the original website that I adapted t World by RoBoRe version 4.

At first in this world, I didn't want to use clay. Later on I started using it. I now have build a little with red bricks : Very nice. But stone bricks grey I used a lot and it's a very nice materi RoBoRe 3 months, 3 days ago. Recent Posts Snovinnisync veuui. Snovinnisync 1 hour, 14 minutes ago. Payday Loan.

To apply for a pay day loan at a store you'll need to fulfill the minimum requirements for your lender which typically include:. That there are multiple firms inside market illustrates the size in theThis site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Hi, I've found a Woodlands Mansion and cleared it out of mobs.

Now I'm on a hunt for secret rooms but Ican't find any. Are they found with levers and or buttons?

how to find spooky mansion in minecraft pe

Are there any in the foundation of the building? I know all the mansions aren't identical since they're generated randomly, but they do contain secret rooms. After I cleared the mansion I could tell where there should be a room and I just punched a hole in the wall. Perhaps your mansion doesn't have one. I actually explored my first mansion yesterday and I did notice that there was a cut-off space on the top floor. It had windows but was otherwise completely empty.

There was also a secret ish passage that lead to a chest which was kind of weird. As for levers or buttons, they'd have to be pretty well-kept secrets to be absent from the wiki. If you hear spiders, you should mine to them.

MCPE WOODLAND MANSION SEED! Minecraft Pocket Edition - NEW Woodland Mansion SEED (Pocket Edition)

Spider spawners can generate as secret rooms in mansions. There are actually structure blocks for secret rooms in Woodland Mansions. They spawn procedurally between the walls. Easiest thing to do is burn the place down.

how to find spooky mansion in minecraft pe

They'll be exposed and probably burned down too, but that's the fun of it. Borderlands series Borderlands 2 is my favorite game, ever. TPS combat is a lot of fun and makes up for the lower-quality story, in my opinion. Dead Rising series Dead Rising 2 is one of my favorite games, and the 3rd was a lot of fun. I found a secret room with 2 chests on the top floor above the illagers face on the 3rd floor stairs.

Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Last edited by Paintbrush11 : Feb 6, Greetings, Earthling! Maybe you should read through the whole page? Last edited by Jay29 : Feb 5, Watch out for the crabocalypse.When it comes to Minecraftmost people don't even begin to think about the game being scary or creepy in any way, shape, or form.

However, thanks to the massive world, there are some truly creepy areas that have been unlocked thanks to the likes of seeds. The following five seeds won't scare your pants off, but they will leave you a tad bit creeped out afterwards. Bring a strong diamond sword ; you're going to need it. We know, we know, the seed is spelled incorrectly. We promise, that is how it is spelled, though. Within this seed, the player will find themselves spawning directly underground into a Skeleton Dungeonwhich is odd considering most seeds start you above ground.

Unfortunate players will have the chance to fight two skeletons at once instead of a single enemy from the spawner. With the recent combat update, that is an issue. As the title reveals, this is a seed only for the portable edition of the game on mobile devices. That shouldn't stop you from enjoying the terror that can be had, though.

After spawning into this new seed, the player will find themselves inside a previously-built house on a small, green island. That doesn't seem too bad, right? Well, inside of that house are numerous zombiesmost of which have been modeled to look just like the original player character, but with zombification already occurring. There are plenty of underground creepy areas throughout Minecraftbut the surface tends to be relatively safe during the daylight hours.

That may not be the case in this particular seed. After entering into the world, the player will begin noticing some truly strange biomes. The entire world is covered in sand, and mini-biomes of forest and grass are spread throughout.

Snow biomes have spawned in the middle of the desert, and each area is nothing more than a block reaching into the sky with water down below. It truly looks like a forgotten world. You should notice something a bit different about cliffs and the ocean-side hills this time around. There is no gradual decline into the water.

Instead, the cliffs simply drop off vertically at one point. Some may not find this truly creepy, but we promise it is a tad bit unsettling to witness for yourself. One player is said to have discovered this seed at random, though many suspect that's a lie. They followed him closely and teleported if he went too far.

Well, there you have it, a few Minecraft seeds to keep you up late at night with their weird nature and creepy activity. We'd be interested to know of any more you happen across in your play time. Brandon Morgan Featured Contributor. Web Twitter Facebook. Published Mar. AllStarZesta March 11,pm. These seeds are soooooo creepiest and horrorific that best for the next holloween festival!

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